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What is SuperFood?
Purasana organic superfood / raw food are unprocessed, pure foodstuffs from grains, plants, algae, seeds, berries,  fruits, vegetables, etc. They are free from pesticides, chemicals, colorants, flavourings, preservatives or any other synthetic or unnatural additives.
They are naturally rich in essential nutrients and phytonutrients such as nutritional fibre, fatty acids (omega 3/6/9), proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, chlorophyll, etc
Raw Food?
Raw food is food that is heated at temperatures not exceeding our own body temperature (max. 40°C). That way all the vital and essential elements remain intact – ‘life’ is retained in the food – and they can be absorbed by your body optimally. Super food / raw food = receiving and radiating life force.
Why eat SuperFood?
The unilateral use of agricultural land, artificial fertilizers and all kinds of other factors significantly reduce the nutritional value of many crops with regard to the essential nutrients and phytonutrients. Consuming as much unprocessed food as possible and eating a varied diet is recommended to provide your body with the nutrients it requires. Superfood is a perfectly natural way to replenish these nutrients. That is why superfood is increasing in popularity and why more people are eating them every day.
How to use superfood?
There are plenty of possibilities to use superfoods.
Generally you can mix 2 or 3 teaspoons of superfoods or superfoods mixes to 250 -  300 ml of smoothies, shakes, milk (vegetable), fruit juices or you can add these to your yoghurts, breakfast cereals or desserts. You can also combine several superfoods. Be inventive and don't hesitate to experiment by adding superfoods to your dishes and recipes.

Purasana Superfood Cacao nibs 200 gr ORGANIC

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Purasana Superfood Cacao beans 200 gr ORGANIC

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Purasana Superfood Cacao powder 200 gr ORGANIC

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Purasana Superfood Camu Camu powder 200 gr ORGANIC

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Purasana Superfood Chia seeds 400 gr ORGANIC

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Purasana Superfood Chia seeds 200 gr ORGANIC

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Purasana Superfood Chia seeds 350 gr ORGANIC

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Purasana Superfood Chia seeds 700 gr ORGANIC

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Purasana Superfood Spirulina powder 200 gr ORGANIC

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